Zoom Silhouette Neon Sign

Silhouette Neon Sign


Make a statement. Set the mood. Express your personality. Stand out from the crowd. Be unapologetically you. Bring your room to life with fun and trendy neon signs that enhance any room they're put in!

Size: 19.6'' x 10.4''

Durable: Crafted out of flexible, yet extremely durable LED tubing and shatter-proof acrylic backing, these signs are virtually indestructible.

Energy Efficient: Our neon signs are manufactured with LED lights, allowing them to be 72% more energy-efficient than traditional neon signs. Engineered with the low energy consumption nature of LEDs, our signs can last up to 50,000 hours (about 30 years if left on for 5 hours a day).

Quick & Easy Installation: Hang up your new sign within minutes of receiving the package in the mail with our free installation kit that's included in your order.

12-Month Warranty: Every single one of our signs comes with a 1-year warranty guarantee and we'll repair or replace your sign if there are any quality issues. 

Safe: Since our neon signs are made out of LEDs, they are cool to the touch and are safe for indoor use around families, kids, and pets. 

Upgrade Your Room: Enhance the mood of any room with eye-catching, trendy neon signs. 

Free Shipping: Qualify For Free Shipping On Orders Over $100


*Important Note: If you need a different plug other than the US, please let us know so we can provide the type you need. Types of plugs available: US, EU, AU, and the UK.

Silhouette Neon Sign